Mobile apps

SM Lab’s mobile development division specializes in iOS, Android, and cross-platform app development.

The experienced team brings a personalized approach to each project, from concept and design to development, testing, and launch. We focus on user experience, security, and performance requirements.

For every project, we provide continuous support and updates so that the app always adapts to changes in your business.

Sportmaster mobile app

The flagship product of the leader in Russian sports retail.

We provide the millions who use our app with the most convenient access to a catalog of over 47,000 products for sports and outdoor activities and a unique shopping experience, the opportunity to participate in exclusive promotions, receive discounts and promo codes. We support communication and expand the e-commerce through Ecosystem services. Our goal is to provide customers with a seamless OMNI-channel experience when interacting with the overall digital sports platform we have built, enriching their in-person experience with the brand.

Technology stack
Swift. Kotlin Java Figma REST API Plant UML Mongo DB ELK Postman Speca Confluence Jira
O’stin mobile app

The O’STIN mobile app is a cutting-edge E-commerce app for the O'STIN store chain with more than 1 million unique visitors.

We help our client’s customers shop for clothes from the comfort of their own homes, striving to make their shopping experience more personalized and omnichannel. We strive to increase the loyalty of regular customers attract new ones, and increase the geographical coverage of the app

Technology stack
Swift RxSwift MVVM Flux Tuist CocoaPods Unit-тесты Artifactory GitLab Fastlane SwiftLint Kotlin RxJava MVICore Detekt Elastic REST API Appium

Our product promotes E-commerce sales channels by creating mono-brand mobile apps.

Such mobile apps include those of Urban Vibes and Demix.

The mobile apps are deployed with a single code base connected to the Ecom platform but with front-end apps customized as per customer requirements.

Technology stack
JDK Spring Boot Redis Mongo DB Swift Kotlin Kubernetes GitLab ELK Prometheus Graphana REST SonarQube JUnit Vault
Activity tracker and online workouts

The activity tracker is a free pedometer included in the mobile app.

It tracks activity through integration with your smartphone’s built-in activity tracker and lets you earn activity points.

The app includes features like daily and weekly goal tracking, challenges to participate in, rewards such as bonuses and discounts, and user activity analysis.

Online workouts with top trainers and ready-made workout plans.

Workout videos and workshops for home, outdoors, or at the gym. For any age and level of training, in different sports, with or without equipment.

Technology stack
Swift RxSwift MVVM Flux Tuist CocoaPods Artifactory Unit-тесты GitLab Fastlane SwiftLint Kotlin RxJava MVICore Detekt REST API Elastic Appium
Sportmaster Media

Our product helps design and develop a magazine on healthy lifestyles, sports, and style.

This section is about people and for people, for anyone who wants to receive up-to-date information about events and their favorite sports, interact with like-minded people, be informed about big events, or find advice on choosing products. The section has a bold character that stands out to all users.

We also have Afisha! A service for finding and selecting events related to sports and for building a healthy lifestyle. Bonus points are awarded for participation.

Technology stack
JavaScript (Vue/Nuxt) Jira REST API Oracle DB
Project steps
STAGE 1: Preparation

Requirements specification

Interviews, discussions


Technical requirements and assessment

Project infrastructure and architecture definition


UX development

User experience design



A wireframe is a diagram that displays all the app screens and the transitions between them

STAGE 2: Development

MVP development

MVP (minimum viable product) is a product with just enough features to collect feedback and quickly modify the code


UI development

User interface design



A stable release ready for deployment.


Improvement and support

Tech support and consulting